About Us



Founded in 1980 a young master woodworker, cabinet maker, and craftsman  began manufacturing wood components in a small garage in Bigler, Pennsylvania. Daniel Knepp grew up in a little coal town surrounded by inspiring towering trees and green mountains in Central Pennsylvania. Daniel knew from an early age exactly where his passion would take him. Never owning a pair of blue jeans until he was in the 6th grade, Daniel started his wood working at the age of twelve, making crosses for the church, shelving units as well as book cases.

As a adult Daniel began his career in 1982 for Walker Lumber, where he learned to debark, saw logs, gang rip and trim wood, getting the best yield from each log possible. By the following year, Daniel learned the drying process of lumber, In 1987 he was operating and managing the Kilns. While working at Walker Lumber, Daniel kept his dream alive of owning his own manufacturing company as he continued to build his customer base and production line including custom made gun cabinets, desks, bookcases and dining table with chairs.

In 1989 Daniel made the transition from Walker Lumber to Appalachian Wood Products. At Appalachian Wood Products, Daniel quickly has moved up the ranks from labor to plant transfer, to supervisor of solid wood and sheet department, lastly to production engineer, where he continues to be employed after 28 years.



If you are wondering how did we come by the name Station Platform 9? We are true hobbyist, both with wood and trains, We often travel to many different places to view our favorite railroads, like the Pennsylvania Railroad, New York Central, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, and one of our Southern favorites the Kentucky Blu-grass Railroad.